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Mail to Pay

Developers of Financial Health

Mail to Pay has set the standard in automated collection processes as the leading innovator of Debtor Process Automation (DPA) Software. By combining years of experience in Credit Management with the latest innovations, Mail to Pay has succeeded in developing a platform that directly contributes to the financial health of an organisation and its customers.


Mail to Pay continues to deliver new innovations to clients and relations. Mail to Pay customers are at the forefront of collection and payment technology. In 2018, Mail to Pay was awarded the Credit Management Innovation Award.



Mail to Pay is ISO27001 certified. Through recurring security tests and audits, Mail to Pay guarantees the security of its customers. The customer data processed by Mail to Pay is handled and checked in accordance with the general data protection regulation (AVG / GDPR).



Mail to Pay software is used by some of the most dominant and industry leading companies in the Netherlands and Belgium, ranging from housing corporations, energy suppliers, drink water suppliers, debt collection agencies, (healthcare) insurers, and internet service providers (ISP's).

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