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Aareon is Europe's largest supplier of software for real estate companies and housing corporations.


The Mail to Pay applications have been part of the Aareon product portfolio for some time and are being used by a growing number of corporations.

All digital payment requests that are sent with the Mail to Pay software can easily be paid by tenants with a smartphone, tablet or with their PC. The tenants really appreciate that they are always alerted of an outstanding claim at the right time. Thanks to the specifically selected communication methods used, purposely aimed at them, tenants enjoy a very convenient and successful payment experience. The payments from tenants go directly into your bank account, so no middle-man is needed.

Thanks to the integration with Tobias AX and the continued development of Mail to Pay, the scope of what Mail to Pay can offer is quickly expanding. The various products from Mail to Pay can now be deployed, from simply sending a digital payment request, all the way through to full credit management.
Together with the extensive possibilities for this within Tobias AX, this is a strong and unprecedented combination in the sector!

Focus on mobile

All digital payment requests sent with the Mail to Pay software can easily be paid by tenants with a smartphone, tablet or with a PC.

Easier payment process, better payment behaviour

Claims can be sent digitally, for example by e-mail or SMS to the tenants, which contain a direct payment link with iDEAL. Experience shows that this significantly improves the payment behaviour of tenants.

Automatic processing

By paying with iDEAL, payments by tenants are always guaranteed to be linked to the correct outstanding claim within Tobias or Tobias AX. This is a big step forward when it comes to the efficient handling of received bank payments.

Reporting in your system

The results of your communication with debtors are reported to you in real time in your Aareon environment.

Linked by API

The link between Aareon and Mail to Pay software is made possible with the Mail to Pay API web service.