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Debtor Process Automation (DPA) Platform


Payments: better, faster and more customer friendly

Use a range of smart payment requests to collect your outstanding payments. It works better, faster and is more customer-friendly.

The best e-mail you can send to get paid. Fast, easy and safe.

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Use the smart webapp to get even better results. Send a payment request during a phone call and follow the payment in real time.

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Send a friendly payment reminder via SMS and receive your payments with just a few clicks of a button.

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Simply add a QR code or payment link to a printed letter and allow your customers to pay digitally. You can even use simple data enrichment tools to improve and update your client data.

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Let your customers pay via Chat, WhatsApp or other communication channels. Using our Paylink gives you complete freedom, allowing your customers to pay easily and quickly in a trusted, secure environment.

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Easily build and automate your collection processes with the Flows drag-and-drop system. Never miss another step in your optimal collection process.

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Create the optimal collection process

Use the latest techniques to automate and optimise your collection process to perfection. Simplify your work, while always contacting your customers in the most effective way.

This smart bot looks at the payment behaviour of your customer and anticipates best time and method of contact. It sends customer-friendly reminders and can even adjust the term amount where necessary.

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Thanks to this smart technology, the Mail to Pay system knows how to approach your customer in the most effective way. You'll receive payments from your customers faster, without you having to do anything about it.

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Never miss a call with your customer. The Robocall calls customers between set times and gives them the option to pay immediately, start a term payment arrangement or be transferred to an employee.

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Payment Methods

Mail to Pay is able to support all payment methods. Without exception.


Mail to Pay is invisible to your customers. Your customers then recognise what they are paying and who they are paying it to.



Use the Mail to Pay API (application programming interface) to automate payment processes in ways you've never considered possible.

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